A Saturday Thought



Season Ending Dahlia Love

Flower Friday is a look back on some of the spectacular dahlias from this last few months. The season starts quite early in Seattle and seems to go and go. The buckets on my Saturday morning Market stroll becoming less and less. Such happy blooms they are, frilly and full of life. They might be the ultimate single stem vase flower, as most times a single bloom is all you need to knock your socks off. A big container of them all massed together, heaven.



Tennis = Memories

I have started playing tennis again. It feels so good! For me playing was never really so much about beating an opponent, but about the poetry of hitting the ball. It was about the beauty of repetition, and the zen like feeling that inspires. That feeling when you strike the ball perfectly. If that resulted in beating who I was up against, that was a bonus. I taught myself to play hitting against a wall at my grade school. We had just moved to a new place and I did not know a soul. It became my happy place. I spent hours and hours hitting against that wall as a 10 year old until the coach for the high school team drove by and asked if I wanted to take lessons from him. I started winning titles at 11. The game became a defining part of me then, all through college, then becoming my profession. Tennis taught me so much about life. Daily I think of life lessons I learned along the way. At 30 I needed to try something new, and that is when my life in the creative world began. But I always knew I would come back to it. Sport of a lifetime, as the tag line goes. Recently I had started missing it. I am now back to hitting on that wall just like I did when I was a kid. But that wall is now in the lovely Volunteer Park, or hitting with a pro at the Nordstrom Tennis Center on the University of Washington campus. It really is like riding a bike. Muscle memory is something else. The flood of memories exceptional. I feel so much of my dad with me when I play. He was my biggest supporter. The scent of his cigar the signal that he had broken away from work and was now in the stands watching. Tennis taught me hard work. That nothing comes to you without putting in the work, the time. It is a lesson that has stayed with me always. To live in the moment, which is paramount in sport as well as life. It taught me joy. Joy in doing your best.



As Outside Dining Fades Away…

As Autumn rolls full steam ahead, the chill of the eve in many parts makes it tough to dine outside. This Wine & Dine Wednesday is a look back on some of the table settings of the past season. Long languid evenings spent at the table enjoying a meal, telling stories, laughing until it hurts. Memories to savor…



Stacks of Magazines

I love staying in a guest room that has a stack of magazines waiting to be flipped through or landing on an article I can’t wait to read before I fall asleep. It is a creative design element that enhances really just about any room, but especially a guest room. We sell a variety of magazines at Watson Kennedy, some of my favorites like the Paris Review and Flower. To make it easier to accomplish a spiffy stack of mags, awhile back we started selling all of our back issues at half off. It is fun seeing customers sort through the stacks finding the issues that resonate with them, finding an assortment.



Ted’s Tip No. 170

Before frost sets in, clip back some of your favorite stems. They will be a fresh hit of green on the upcoming chilly days.



Sunday Thoughts



My Favorite Things Today

All sorts of new yumminess arriving at the shops each day. Thursday I snapped away at some new favorites. Always tough to narrow it down, but fun trying! I am often asked during my ‘wrap’ sessions with customers how I came up with the concept for Watson Kennedy. I always say it was easy, as I only buy what I love. My first test is we must be able to love having it in our own home or giving it as a gift ourselves. If goods pass those guidelines, then they go through a bunch of other criteria in my head in the split seconds that I give to making the final decision to buy something that ends up on our shelves.



Mums, Leaves and a Lily

Flower Friday is a nod to the glorious arrival of Autumn and all the grandness it brings. The images from last year at this time at Hawthorne. We head there in a little over a week and we can hardly wait–where the season seems to be like a movie we watch change over the time of our stay.

It is a fun contrast to Seattle, where the season is much more gentle. Back East, it is a riot of color. It is not a better, just different, and we feel quite fortunate to have both in our lives. The below from the table I set for a photo shoot I did for Pottery Barn. The single lily floating in the vessel bringing a little yellow to the table.



Two That Caught My Eye

Just In, a few new things that caught my eye yesterday as I was leaving the shop. New goods arriving at a dizzying pace, but these I keep coming back to this pair again & again. Charles Farris candles from England have landed and boy are they swell. We have been burning the above scent this week in town. Loving everything about it, from the sublime scent to the handsome packaging. The below artichoke planter/vase/bowl just so cool looking I can hardly stand it. This filled with an orchid or lemons would be dreamy. Also grand as it is without anything in it at all.