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A Bit More Hawthorne 

I have had a few readers who are WK customers stop me since we returned to Seattle saying they wanted to see more Hawthorne photos. Funny, as I sometimes question whether I run the risk of boring you all with images from there. So the post today is for all of you who wanted to see more. The above just sent to us yesterday from caretaker Bill after a fresh snowfall. The below images things I snapped while we were there–table settings, family visits, what I was reading on the stay, flowers, outside activities, a bit of what we were cooking/baking/serving, and a few room shots as the house continues to get that layered feel we like so much, that really is only accomplished over time with collecting things you love to make a house a home.



Ted’s Tip No. 131

Dried blooms, such as hydrangea, serve as a reminder of the past sunny Summer on the chilly days of January. 



Ted’s Tip No. 129

An entryway table can be set with the scents of the season, using the singular elements in bowls and on platters for a visual ‘pop’ of color & scent for when your guests first arrive.



New Traditions

We finished celebrating our 20th Holiday season at Watson Kennedy on Sunday eve. The above capture by a lovely customer in to do a bit of last minute gift shopping with her visiting mom from California. The minute Bailey heard the word ‘photo’ she was up off her blanket barking to be included in the shot. We hopped on a plane to New York early the next day, Christmas morning, to fly to New York and head to Hawthorne. We thought with the passing of the 20 year milestone a new tradition of coming to the Hudson Valley to celebrate The Twelve Days of Christmas might be a fun treat. That is the thing about traditions, we make them our own. Or should. So it will be our take on celebrating the Holidays. Up first, family arriving shortly for Boxing Day supper. We carried with us, packed on ice, a big salmon to make for the meal. We always love the idea of a bit of Pacific Northwest along with us at Hawthorne. Caretaker Bill set up a green lit tree for us so it was the first thing we saw when we pulled into the long driveway after a full day of travel. I hope you have been having the loveliest Holiday in the manner you like to celebrate it best. Cheers to traditions, old and new!



Merry Christmas!



Hawthorne, on Airbnb 

I snapped this photo of Hawthorne right as we were loading up the car to head to the airport the other day. It was a magical month seeing/feeling the hot of August turn into the cool color changing time that September brings in the Hudson Valley. It has now been 4 years since we bought the property–each time we are back we fall in love more and more with our house.

We are often asked, “When you’re not there, do you rent out Hawthorne?” We are happy to report it just went up on Airbnb. By nature we are people who derive huge pleasure in sharing. The house is ready for others to start making their fond memories. For a few days, a week or a month. Click here to see it and book through Airbnb or you can also contact me directly at 206.617.9678



Supper With An Old Friend 

The dahlias going strong, anchoring the dining table for a meal with one of my oldest friends. Devin was my college roommate, fraternity brother and someone I laugh more with than almost anyone. Simple white plates and a bunch of other white vintage porcelain bowls and objects were pulled out to add visual interest. The green striped piece of fabric we found at an antique store right when we bought the house just keeps getting better & softer after every washing. Music filled the air and old stories were re-lived, that poor Mister Sive has now heard a ton of times, that still make us all laugh until we cry. 



Cedar Farm Dahlias

A happy Flower Friday to you all and a happy first day of September. Our first dahlias of this Hudson Valley visit are highlighted from the fab folks at Cedar Farm right here in Ghent, ready to welcome guests this eve. For you all to enjoy too.

P.S. A word about ‘happy’ and all that means. It is a word I use often as it has holds such importance to me. For those around me, the world, myself. I really try and make the blog posts a happy place. I know so many of us have heavy hearts from all going on in the world with natural disasters and politics. I so desperately want the posts to be uplifting, as I think the importance of ‘happy’ at this time is critical. So if I don’t reference global issues, it is not out of me having my head in the sand, it is just me wanting a respite for all of us for a moment in our day.  My thoughts, prayers and positive vibes go out to those affected by all that is going on. Much love, Ted



Hawthorne Moments

It has been such a treat to be here for an extended stay. On this last day of August, we sort of hit it right on as we were hoping, as it was super hot when we first arrived and now there is a slight chill in the air. Autumn is gently gliding in. We have not stayed at the house in September, and I think the fireplace will get a work-out in the evening on the back porch. It has been some lovely time with family & friends. My lower back & knee getting better a bit each day, as I have been laying pretty low. Big THANKS to all who have sent kind words & suggestions. I am feeling all the good vibrations being sent my way. Getting through my big buying show in the city was hurdle number one. Next week we head to Brimfield for vintage WK buying, so I am resting up to be in top form for that. I have been snapping away photos all along the way–life is made up of moments, and we are savoring each and every one.

Much love from the Hudson Valley, Ted2+B



We Made It!

We are always excited to arrive at Hawthorne, but this arrival was hard fought and seems extra special. Without going into the long boring details, my knee injury from a month or so ago altered how I was walking, standing, sleeping, which really did a number on my lower back. 5 days flat on my back, a doctor visit, 3 chiropractic adjustments, and an acupuncture treatment, along with all sorts of pain medicine and our Sunday eve Hawthorne arrival became a Thursday morning arrival. Let’s just say I kissed the ground when we arrived. The wet, not overly hot Summer in our part of the Hudson Valley has been so kind to the hydrangea. Our friend CoCo arrived on Tuesday eve and clicked these for me as I could not wait one more second to see how they were doing. 

This variety has a green hue to them, which you know makes me so happy I could squeal. The deer also quite like them, but how they are planted so close to the house seems to keep them away. This Flower Friday is all about them outside. TPS asked me last night if he wanted me to have him cut a bunch for inside. I was so drained by the flight and the day of travel I declined as I want to be totally on my game when playing with these lovelies. Next week the post will be the blooms inside the house. Welcome back to Hawthorne!