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The Sweetest Scented Geranium Blooms

Flower Friday brings us the sweetest little blooms on a scented geranium out on the island. We have a pair of these on the steps going down to the outdoor shower. We have never had this variety before, but will most certainly get again as we are utterly charmed by all those tiny flowers. Apologies, not remembering the variety name. It is on my list to find out. Thought you would all enjoy the profusion of color set against all that lush green. Have a lovely, lovely July week-end everyone!



Shadows and Light

Caretaker Bill sent us the above shot a few days after we left last week to show us all the peonies dancing. The image also caught that amazing Hudson Valley light it is so known for. The trees creating all sorts of shadows. The below I clicked on Sunday out on the island. The scented geraniums went crazy when we were away, filling up the tub. This West Coast edition of the shadows and light doing all sorts of lovely things on the shed and hazelnut shell laden courtyard.



An All Green Flower Friday

Herbs & leaves can add such a hit of happiness to your kitchen table, anywhere really.  Often the leaves on flowers or plants can rival the beauty of the bloom, so showcase them in low bowls where the weight of the leaf is supported by the rim of the bowl. Herbs either planted or in a clear glass of water adds to the tableau.  A piece of fruit or berries just gives another layer to the lusciousness. 



Dreams of August

20150219-065737.jpg This post is really a shout-out to all you readers in parts of the globe who are knee deep in snow and in the throes of super low temperatures. I was scrolling through images the other day from the past few years and stumbled on this one. This is one of my all-time favorite shots as it combines tomatoes and scented geraniums, two of my very favorite things. But what I am remembering most about taking this photo is it was on a glorious August day–where the sun was shining ever so brightly, and it was ever so warm outside with just the slightest breeze. The Summer heat warming my body and my soul.
Sending virtual warmth and sunny August thoughts to you all.



Blue & Green

20140708-081016.jpg I find it so interesting how a color combination just starts striking your fancy. Right now I am loving the combination of blue and green together. Not surprising about the green, I know, but bits of dark blue with it is also quite fetching. The above and below table showing how lovely they play off one another. I guess the whole blue sky and the green grass scenario is at it again.




Flats of Pelargonium aka Scented Geranium

20140416-055944.jpg They have arrived! I am seeing stellar assortments of scented geranium showing up at garden shops and this always thrills me to no end. I have written much about my love of scented geraniums, and I still get a rush of happiness when I see flats of them. They are such happy plants, doing well inside and out. We have them in pots lining the platform for the outdoor shower at WestWard, as well as a huge galvanized tub of them next to the crushed hazelnut lined courtyard by the treehouse. Mister Sive was busy planting away this week-end with all the gems we found at DIG on Sunday. Not only will they be pretty where they are, but they will provide us with clippings all throughout the Summer and Fall that I like to use in flower arrangements and single stem vases. The scented leaves are just little works of art. We also have a few pots in town that I like to use on the dining table. They truly are such versatile plants.






Candle Container as Vase

20131112-062238.jpg When the world hands you a bunch of empty glass candle containers, make vases out of them. Such was the case yesterday when I was in need of a bunch of short little vases, but did not want to use just normal clear drinking glasses. TPS had cut back all of our scented geraniums out on the island and I had all these beautiful stems and leaves to play with. We also have quite a collection of old Diptyque glasses that we store in the shed. I just like the way they look all massed together. All cleaned out and sparkly. We had yet to use them for anything other than visual pleasure. Now was the time. So many glass candle containers are quite fetching, it seems a shame to just toss them. Use them to hold pencils on your desk, cotton balls in your medicine cabinet, or use as water glasses. I like to think of it as stylish recycling.





Simplicity and Plums

20130909-070254.jpg It was a stunningly beautiful day yesterday out on the island and we had guests coming at noon to spend the day and stay thru dinner. I had worked the day before at the First Avenue shop instead of at the Market shop as usual, so I was not able to get flowers. I was thinking something would excite me at the grocery store on Saturday eve, but no luck. Something pulled from the ground or a pot would have to do the trick.

20130909-070654.jpg This is where ferns or herbs or whatever you have growing comes in mighty handy. A very simple table it would be. Our overflowing scented geraniums would once again come to our rescue.

20130909-070907.jpg A few snips and the poetic dance of the stem and the green of the leaf would be just the ticket. I ran clear drinking glasses down the middle, added the stems, and we were off and running. Simplicity.

20130909-071230.jpg I really wanted to try the plum and olive recipe again that I wrote about last week because it was so darn good. This time I made a few changes. We had rice instead of egg noodles which we liked better. The rice sops up that glorious sauce easier. I also used a variety of plums and we really liked the variety of colors and flavors each provided. This week I used chicken pieces with the skin on. Last week I had used skinless chicken. The skin provided a little extra fat added to the plums and the white wine as they reduced in the pan, creating a much thicker sauce. It is always fun to play around with recipes and tweak them a tad. End result, as yummy if not yummier (is that even a word?) than last week.

Happy Monday and start of the week everyone. From WestWard, Ted



A Galvanized Tub of Scented Geraniums

20130812-080821.jpg You all know of my love of scented geranium. This time of Summer they go crazy. Late Spring we bought a big galvanized tub and planted new plants as well as plants from last year and filled up the tub. It has been so cool to see them combined and flourish in a large container where they have room to grow. It is a reminder to me to think of objects that you would not normally think to use to plant things. If you can drill holes in it, it most times will make a nifty container to plant your favorite things.

Ahhhh, auto correct. For those of you who read the post yesterday, it was meant to be ‘extra virgin olive oil’ not ‘extra virgin “police” oil’ and it was something I did not catch. Jennifer, a faithful reader from Charlotte, who I have known for close to 20 years, brought it to my attention with a very funny comment. Don’t ask me how it overrode to that word, but it did. Sorry about that. We are not making a new variety of EVOO. I am smiling as type this.



Scented Geranium LOVE

20130711-081818.jpg I have written a bunch about my love of scented geraniums, and that love continues. Our pots that line the outdoor shower area on Vashon are just bursting with happiness. These are such happy plants. They are loving all this sunshine.




20130711-082215.jpg We have found that the deer do not like the scented variety, but the regular geraniums they feast on. This has been a very pleasant surprise.

20130711-082523.jpg Snipping them and bringing them inside is one of my very favorite things to prolong the enjoyment. They work beautifully in single stem vases.